Sah inn Paradise Hotel

Sah inn Paradise Hotel

Holiday Village
  • Distance from the sea: Beachfront
  • Distance to Airport: Antalya Airport is 110 Km
  • Pool: 5 Female, 1 Male Pool
  • Womens Private Beach:
  • Disability Friendly: Disability Discount
  • Beach: 400 mt. private beach
  • Nearest Center:
  • Internet: Free
  • Ladies special:
Sah Inn Paradise Resort where the sea and the nature of the invention, which contains all the natural beauty and built on an area of 167 thousand square meters, with its own private 400 meter long beach offers an unforgettable holiday enjoyment.
All Inclusive
% 50 discount for age between 7 to 12 years old child.
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General Information
With the mentality of protecting and looking after your values of family and established on an area of 167.000 square meters having unique natural beauties of Kumluca District of Antalya, we offer you much more than you desire from a vacation in our facility with a women's complex of 10.000 square meters, a private beach of 400-meter length, and a total of 9 pools. Leading the way on many subjects in alternative vacation, we are happy to offer you and your family a mesmerizing vacation time and to have become a vacation classic for families that choose us from the day we first started. During your stay in our hotel that is located 90 km from the Centrum, 105 km from the Airport and 12 km from Central Kumluca, you will be able to visit many historical places such as Demre, Myra, Limyra, Arykanda, Andriake, Olympos, Phaselis, Kekova, Simena, Üçağız, Patara, Kalkan, Kaleköy, Kaş, Xanthos, Saklıkent and many more. As Şah Inn Paradise, in which you will be having the most amazing fun of the sea, sun, sports and relaxation of all kinds with your family, we wish you a happy holiday.

We bring comfort and peace together just for you. We have a capacity of 404 rooms and 1400 beds consisting of 4 King’s Suite, 5 Handicapped, 100 family rooms, and 295 standard rooms. With these, as our guests who enjoy their stay in our hotel, we bring you the peace of the Mediterranean. We bring the absolute comfort and peace together with a unique landscape and green just for you. We think all details for you to spend a quality, comfortable, and luxury holiday. We offer you a complete accommodation with balconies, mini bars, direct phones, wireless internet, TVs with info channel, split AC, safes, laminated parquet flooring, bathtub/WC, and hairdryers.

Standard Rooms 
We’ve added the pleasure of relaxation to your vacation in our standard rooms with an interior space of 30 m2 consisted of 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

Family Rooms 
We have thought all details for your comfort and peace in our family rooms with a 45m2 interior space consisted of two separate rooms, 1 parent's room and 1 kid's room.

Women's Complex
The first in the Mediterranean! We invite women who would love to enjoy the pool, the sun with safety and to have an unforgettable vacation to Şah Inn Paradise. Why? As Şah Inn Paradise, who knows the importance of family values and protects them, we are the first facility to introduce Women's Complex in the Mediterranean region. In our women’s complex which we have expanded in the season of 2010, we serve you in an area of 10.000 m2. Having a fresh-water pool, a salt-water pool, an aqua pool, mothers-kids pool and kids pool, we're adding more green areas with a kid's park and a sand pool. We want you to get rid of all the exhaustion you’ve had all year with our Turkish Baths, massage rooms, hairdresser, sauna, garden, fitness and health club before you go back to you home.

Special For Men 
Men also spend their vacation as unique as women do. They enjoy their stay with a relaxation pool of 1600 m2, a kid’s pool, an aqua pool, and an indoor swimming pool established in an area of 3.000 m2 special for men. They blow off their steam with our fitness center, health club, Turkish Baths, sauna, and massage room.

Food & Beverage
An amazing feast of taste and pleasures of open buffet. Talented cooks of Şah Inn Paradise make and present unforgettable tastes for their guests. The choice is left for you to either have your meals in our open buffet restaurant with a capacity of 1500 persons or in our a'la carte fish restaurant with a capacity of 150 persons in which glorious presentations of Turkish Cuisine and selections of global cuisines are presented.

Spa and Health Club 
Relax both your body and your soul in your holiday How much free time are we able to find for ourselves in our stressful work environments and constant rush all year? Either a little or even none! Than, as a vacation classic Şah Inn Paradise, we invite you to relax and have peace with the health of water during your stay. The moment you step in our SPA Center, you'll find incredible atmosphere. Welcoming you with a soothing music, the center starts to speak to your soul at the first minute with its decor, lights, candles, and beautiful odors. The expert team of the center tries to bring solutions to your problems. The team tells you every detail including how long you need to stay in the sauna and why you need to have bubble massage after rubbing with the coarse bath-glove. After finishing with the sauna and the Turkish Bath, you're directed to the Jacuzzi. You can get fruit aromas mixed to your water as you please than you get into a room with AC to get started with your massage with special oils.

Entertainment continues all day long in our resort! As Şah Inn Paradise, we bring entertainment both to you and to your kids with our activities kept on all day long. Starting by the pool with morning workouts every day, our activities continue with pool games, competitions for kids, darts, boccia, air rifle, pool volleyball and beach volleyball. You can also participate in tournaments on tennis court and Astroturf football field. You can enjoy your time in our play ground with your kids. Our night-time activities start with mini disco for kids in the amphitheatre and continue with theatre plays - parodies, animation shows and professional acrobatic stunts special only for you to end with music performances in Şelale Café. You can also participate in yacht tour organizations to visit historic and cultural points. You can participate in ATV safaris. You can add more fun to your vacation by water activities on our beach such as Parasailing and Banana Boat.

Peace and Trust
The most enjoyable family vacation! Meet with the world of privileges in Şah Inn Paradise designed specially for you to have the most enjoyable family vacation in Antalya being one of the most beautiful places of vacation. In our complex established on an area of 167.000 m2, where we've thought every single detail for your family's peace and joy, you will be meeting with the service mentality of protecting the values of family. The peace will find you on our 400-meter long beach, in your pergolas and hammocks at nights with cool and clean air, and the activities by our professional animators will never end. While you spend your vacation with peace and fun, your kids will safely be enjoying the sea, the sun and activities in our kindergartens with special menus for kids, in our recreation areas, kid pools and parks.

Our Beach
Sunsets and Sea Sparkles. The must for a peaceful family vacation: Sea pleasure… Away from crowd and noise, 400-meter long special beach offers you beautiful times on sunny days. Dazzling Mediterranean sea makes you feel different kinds of amazed in every season. The sun is sign of a beautiful summer night. The sun sets with glowing maroon lights. The moon shines with its soothing light. In the spring, it's slightly cloudy, the winter rains make you watch and the sea comes on the beach lightly. The Mediterranean is loved and missed all the time. As Şah Inn Paradise, we bring these beauties together with water sports such as jet ski, banana, boat tour, and parasailing. We offer families a chance to hear Antalya, the sea, and most importantly themselves.

Swimming Pools 
Essential part of holiday fun, pools. By our pools that will become your fun center, we make you spend enjoyable times with various activities and food-beverages services all day long. We present the only women’s complex of 10.000 m2 and the only men's complex of 3.000 m2 of the alternative tourism. We have not missed any detail for you to spend a peaceful vacation in our complexes special for women and men. We add a sand pool, kid's park and green areas for kids to have fun to our women's complex of 10.000 m2 with fresh and salt-water pools, aqua and mother-kid pools, and kid's pool. We offer you to get rid of all the exhaustion of a whole year in the Turkish Bath, massage center, and hairdresser in the same complex.

Resting Areas
A unique holiday in nature. As a vacation classic Şah Inn Paradise, we invite you to experience all the beauties of green in our open space of 30.000 m2 with an oxygen-rich and low-humidity atmosphere. We offer you a unique environment to blow off your steam and to have all the fun there is. Walking on the grass bare-feet, reading your paper in the hummock among the beautiful odors of flowers, going for family hiking, and fulfilling your longing of nature are just some of them.


All Inclusive Details (All Inclusive)

Details Description
Breakfast Open Buffet
Dinner Open Buffet
Local Spirits Free
Lunch Open Buffet
General Facilities

Wireless Internet
Loundry (Pay Locally)
Hairdresser (Pay Locally)
Dry Cleaner (Pay Locally)
Safe Box
Market (Pay Locally)
Transfer for Hotel (Pay Locally)
Photographer (Pay Locally)
Rent a Car (Pay Locally)
Room Service (Pay Locally)
Children Club
Prayer Room


Sport Saloon
Game Saloon (Pay Locally)
Turkish Bath
Jakuzzi (Pay Locally)
Jet Ski (Pay Locally)
Massage (Pay Locally)
Steam Bath
Children Park
Tennis Courts


Private Beach
Beach Cafe/Bar
Blue Flag
Closed Pool
Children Pool
Open Pool
Beach Towel
Separate Pooll For Ladies