Oylat Asiyan Hotel

Oylat Asiyan Hotel

Thermal Hotel
  • Distance to Airport: Bursa Airpot is 56 Km
  • Pool: Thermal Pool
  • Thermal water in room: Available in All Rooms
  • Disability Friendly: Disability Discount
  • Nearest Center: Inegöl is 25 Km
  • Internet: Free
Aşiyan hotel, you can see the most beautiful shade of green rooms, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort.Aşiyan on-site indoor thermal pools, a private family cabins, saunas bulunmaktadır.200 person half-board buffet restaurant and cafe at your disposal.
Half Board
% 100 discount for age between 0 to 6 years old child.
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General Features

Oylat Spring water where Yeni Çağlayan Hotel is located and four-season holiday and healing town offers an excellent atmosphere for a quiet and peaceful holiday and healing with its mineral-rich water features. Oylat Cave, which is about 665 meter long and consists of two-storey fantastic cave welcomes your at the entrance of the hot spring. You will impressed from the magical world of scalactite and dickites of the Oylat cave which was formed in ten thousands of the years, never gives tiredness feeling to the ones visiting and one of the biggest caves of our country.


Yeni Çağlayan Hotel is in your service with its 400-person open buffet restaurant which is at the level of your sweet home, where you can welcome the day with open buffet breakfast in the morning, fill your lungs with oxygen from excellent forest air while sipping your tea on the terrace with splendid view, enjoy the specialty of the dinners with its menu selected from unique meals of Turkish cousin.


Its original name is "Sanitas Per Aquam" ( SPA ), which means "Healing Comes from Water"; it is the name given to water therapies applied from the roman times until today. It is used in the meaning of supplementary therapy through which resting and relaxation feeling is gained by means of healing with water, health coming from the use of water, application of water in hot, cold and various forms (pouring, dropping, showering, spraying).

Oylat Cave

It is located at 1 km away from Hilmiye village also at 17 km away from İnegöl in the southeastern, at the point where Oylat Canyon ends. Oylat Cave was developed on an east-west direction apparent fault line in Permian marbles. Oylat cave which is a characteristic shape of Pliocene relief is developed on the right skirt of Oylat Stream Canyon. The entry of the cave is 5-6 meter up from the valley ground. The depth of the canyon is about 450 – 500 meter in here. There are 3 more entries over the cave entry.

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Details Description
Breakfast Open Buffet
Dinner Open Buffet
General Facilities

Alacarte Restaurant (Pay Locally)
Wireless Internet
Loundry (Pay Locally)
Doctor (Pay Locally)
Market (Pay Locally)
Children Club
Prayer Room


Sport Saloon
Turkish Bath
Massage (Pay Locally)
Steam Bath


Closed Pool
Children Pool
Thermal Pool